To Save Many Lives: Exploring Reconciliation Between Africans and African Americans through the Selling of Joseph

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Nilwona E. Nowlin


Elements of the Joseph story parallel events contributing to the current relationship between African Americans and Africans. The greatest parallel is the experience of being sold into slavery by one's own kin. Despite his brothers’ being the cause of years of pain, shame, and marginalization, Joseph is able to forgive them and be reconciled to them. Is a similar reconciliation possible between African Americans and Africans today? My paper pursues this question, arguing finally that reconciliation is needed between these two communities and providing suggestions for how it can be done, so that, as with Joseph, God continues to take what was meant for evil and turn it into something that is good and lifesaving.


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Nilwona E. Nowlin, Evangelical Covenant Church

Administrative Specialist for Governance

Evangelical Covenant Church

Chicago, IL


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